bring your images back to reality!

Get high quality photo prints from your Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google account, or direct from your smartphone and tablet!

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what is pictbot?

Pictbot is a small friendly robot that lives in a special terminal and can do great things! For example, it can take your photos from the other side of the screen and bring them back to real world! This is so cool! Pictbot will find your photos in Instagram, Facebook, Flickr or Google and print them on paper with excellent quality! Right here and right now!

Yes! You take pictures with your smartphone, tablet or other gadget and now you can hang them on the wall, frame or present to friends and relatives. Pictbot makes it possible! You no longer have to mess about with your home printer or wait till your photos will be printed by a special service and delivered by mail! You'll get you photos right away and you'll admire the quality of the print! Pictbot likes to print pictures! And it is perfect at doing that.

Pictbot is still very little and has a lot to learn. Soon it will learn a whole range of incredible things - how to make a photo of you, print the photo right from your smartphone, improve your photo, collect and print the whole photo album or order a T-shirt with a selected pic for you. And a lot more!

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pictbot usage

Simple. Very simple. And even simpler. Come up to the terminal where Pictbot lives - it will be glad to see you and it will say "Hello". You will also say "Hello" to Pictbot and press the button with a logo of a social network or a service, where you photos are stored. You select the pics and press "print" button. This is it. Nothing more. The photos are in your hands!


All cards, digital and no-contact forms of payment, banknotes and even coins from your pocket.


meet your local pictbot

Pictbot is always near. It likes to be near people. That is why its terminals are located in places where there are a lot of people and where they go regularly (as you do also) - in shopping malls, amusement parks, public spaces, railroad stations and airports. You can find the closest Pictbot on this map.

At the present time it's the location of three pilot devices in Finland. The pilot stage turned out to be successful and soon there will be Pictbots everywhere! By the way, if you have not yet met a Pictbot in the shopping mall or a supermarket where you usually go, just ask the manager - how come there is no Pictbot here? Let him contact us and Pictbot will appear near you!

hint: pictbots are here!

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